You'd be surprised how often casinos are robbed.

For places absolutely covered in security cameras, and surrounded by armed guards, casinos somehow managed to still get robbed by bold idiots.

New York-New York Casino in Las Vegas was just recently robbed for an undisclosed amount when a person with a gun in their waistband held up a cash cage then fled in a taxi.

Now, a Wynn property has been burgled. It's not on the Vegas Strip.

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Can you imagine losing so bad at something, that you come all the way back around and epically win somehow?

It's a confusing concept, but it's very possible.

Take, for instance, the bad beat jackpot in some poker games. Basically, a casino takes a small rake from each pot won and it feeds the bad beat jackpot.

These jackpots often grow pretty large, as they're relatively hard to actually hit. They only pay out after an epic beat down; a truly bad beat. ("Bad beat" being a poker term that means exactly what it sounds like.)

This past week, the biggest bad beat jackpot in US history was hit, winning some lucky loser a shit-ton of cash.

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If you're fed up with losing at video poker, why not head down to the arcade and at least have some fun while you're throwing away money. You gotta have a better chance there because you're only playing for an outdated XBox and not millions of dollars, right?

Wrong. Your fine ass is getting SCAMMED.

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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

When you think of a casino heist, what images come to mind?

Pretty much just scenes from Ocean's 11/12/13, right?

Casino heists seem like a thing of that past; they're something that happens in movies, but not real life. I mean, with the amount of cameras in casinos, why anyone would try to rob a casino is beyond me.

But that's exactly what just happened early Wednesday at New York, New York in Las Vegas...

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Gambling can be a really fun, financially uplifting experience... if you're winning, that is.

Even when you're losing, it can still be fun to risk some hard earned currency on a chance to get even more. Especially if it's on craps. (Who doesn't like rolling them bones?)

But there's always the potential for gambling to become too much of a good thing.

Like chasing your losses. That's when you're losing money, and you continue to just throw more money at the problem.

Not being able to stop gambling is a serious problem, but it might be able to be treated with a weird remedy that involves sticking things up your nose...

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From Ocean's 13, to Rush Hour 2, to numerous James Bond films...

There's nothing like the atmosphere of an asian-themed casino.

There's just something that feels so romantic, and so lucky, about playing in a casino adorned in oriental elements.

Though it seems not enough Vegas visitors share those sentiments... as a brand new asian-themed hotel-casino just closed its gaming floor and restaurants.

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What's the best casino in Vegas?

First off, best for what? Partying? Secretly smoking up in the bathroom? Finding an "escort?" Hot slot action? Poker room?

Classiest, you say? Well, that's an easy one: The Wynn.

The Wynn and its twin Encore (both owned by casino mogul Steve Wynn) are easily the classiest, nicest hotel casinos on the Strip.

So it's good news to hear the Wynn empire is growing after a recent, mysterious land purchase... in the hundreds of millions.

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Wow. That really sucks.

Talk about kicking a man when he's down.

Guess that's why they call it a bad beat.

But this... this is like, a double bad beat.

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Yeah, yeah, it's still technically 2017, but looking to the future ain't a crime. Unless you live in the movie Minority Report I guess.

But I digress.

This year is almost over (somehow, already) and 2018 is already looking bright.

Why? Because the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is coming up! DUH!

That's right, the 2018 WSOP schedule just dropped, and it's full of the usual exciting events, and even a few new ones.

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When looking to cut loose and have a wild vacation, the last thing anyone wants to have to worry about is safety.

Visiting Sin City is no different—casinos want guests to feel both welcome and safe, which isn't always easy.

Casinos are looking to revamp and increase their security, without giving off a TSA-style airport vibe. No one likes walking through those full body scanners, putting your hands up like an idiot, just to have some stranger zap your balls with radiation.

So casinos have turned to new technology that's a bit more... covert.

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If you've ever dreamt of owning a casino, you're not alone.

As one of the most endlessly profitable enterprises, of course it appears a most lucrative opportunity. Most lucrative, indeed. But exactly how lucrative? Multi-millions of dollars?

HA! Try billions.

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Gambling outside of legitimate gaming establishments is a bad idea.

Sure, every now and then a few bucks change hands while watching a football game or a fight on TV, but that's small potatoes.

Big potatoes are dangerous potatoes. And by big potatoes I mean organized illegal gambling.

One poker player, who may actually be a poker pro, learned that lesson the hard way.

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If you have money troubles you can always turn to gambling.

…said no one ever. Unless you're Pennsylvania, of course—they're really embracing that strategy.

PA is attempting to balance their fiscal deficit through gambling, rather than forcing the average citizen to bare the brunt of tax hikes.

That's nice of them. But how?

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Las Vegas is well-known as the betting capital of the world.

Well, I guess that's actually Macau. (Macau's casino's earnings, no joke, shame Vegas'.)

Okay, so we all know Vegas is a huge betting town at least. But I didn't know it was this big... A mysterious "Eastern European" gambler, apparently under 30 years old, has been going around Vegas placing monster bets.

How monster?

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Macau is an interesting place, one that hopefully my bosses will send me to in the near future. It's one of the only places you can gamble while in China, almost half of the GDP is revenue from gambling, and it's small (28.8 square km).

It's beautiful, it's entertaining, it even has cathedrals and an incredible food scene.

But there's an even better reason to live there. Wanna know what it is?

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I can't believe it.

I'm actually pretty shocked—no clickbait—this is a rare occurrence.

Someone not only got a royal flush in poker... it was at one of those casino table variants with a progressive jackpot!

I bet you can already guess where I'm going with this…

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Notice I said "lose less" instead of "win more?"

We all know casinos are out to rob us blind—but it's not like we let that stop us from going.

It almost feels like a challenge: the casinos can take all those other suckers' money, but not mine!

Yeah—that's a great strategy for making sure the house wins.

With the odds already stacked against you, it might help to learn a few tricks that can help you pull the wool up from over your eyes, and see past the casinos' trickery.

It's mainly all about those LDWs.

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Did you know that the Founder and CEO of FedEx once took the company's last $5,000 to Vegas and bet it in blackjack in a bid to save the company?

It's true. Here's the wild story.

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