Hold the door! Hold the door!

What a brutal scene. Anyway, let's make it clear: his name is DJ Kristian Nairn, not DJ Hodor. He's a real person first, awesome character second; let's respect that.

DJ Kristian Nairn recently spun a set on the Las Vegas Strip. You do know Kristian Nairn, right? Maybe you don't know him as a DJ, but if you've ever been anywhere near a TV, odds are he might look familiar.

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"Responsible Gaming."

Ever heard of it? These are programs in place to keep people with gambling problems from, well, gambling. In theory, it sounds awesome — gambling addiction is a real issue, and it's heartbreaking to see people succumb to it. Any measures in place to try and protect people at risk or to help those with gambling problems is a good thing.


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It's the kind of poker we live for: the dramatic conclusion to a show that proved equal parts addicting, confusing, scary, and downright entertaining. Your 2017 World Series of Poker winner, Scott Blumstein, utterly dominated the majority of the time at the final table and earned himself a cool $8.1 million dollars.

But you might be asking yourself, "wait, if he dominated a majority of the time as the chip leader, why the hell are the guys at Suited Magazine describing it as a dramatic conclusion?"

Because he was looking to push out the eventual runner up, Daniel Ott, out of the competition ― and doing so with a hand that had less than 7% of winning.

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Courtesy Photo

You know the Golden Gate hotel-casino? It's that awesome, classic casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. It's likely what you picture when you imagine Vegas in flashing lights and neon. It's like a human bug zapper, except instead of killing you they just rob you, which is nice.

Well, the 111-year-old joint is about to get a whole lot nicer. The Golden Gate just announced they plan to double the size of their casino. According to a press release, they're going to add a "glamorous" new entrance on Fremont Street Experience (underneath the huge LED TV canopy thing), and they're going to extend OneBar at One Fremont Street.

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Stan Rosenberg, Massachusetts' Senate President, was one of the chief architects of the state law that legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts. While the man is clearly cool with gambling, he's apparently less cool with gambling's sexier cousin: drinking.

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Using fish to go phishing? It makes so much sense, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more regularly.

According to a report from security firm Darktrace, a North American casino suffered a breach through an internet-connected fish tank. Hackers attempted to steal casino data through the "smart" tank. How does that work? Did they have an "inside-fish?"

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We recently published an article on how the Macau casino stocks took a plunge, where we also listed some of the reasons why investors seem a little spooked. To quickly sum it up, Beijing and mainland China are cracking down on all things money coming out of the gambling haven, including freezing accounts, limiting ATM withdrawals, and something referred to as "increased I.D. checks."

Well that last one means the inclusion of high-tech facial recognition, and some of the ATM locations have been completely abandoned. Here's why.

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And then there were nine.

The road to the final table at the World Series Of Poker is always a tough process that surprises, delights, and thrills. This year is no exception, as the tournament whittled down over 7,200 participants in the past few days (that number, itself, a mere fraction of the number of competitors who participated in this year's WSOP events) to just nine incredibly diverse players who will be battling at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Thursday afternoon.

The winner gets to take home an 8.1 million dollar prize and a nifty gold title bracelet, while the other eight participants will divvy up a pot of $18 million amongst themselves (with each player guaranteed to walk home with at least a cool million dollar prize).

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MotorCity Casino is one of the three hotel-casinos in Detroit, Michigan. It's an $825 million complex, with a 100,000-square-foot casino gaming floor, 3,000 slot machines, 59 tables game, two poker rooms, a 13,000-square-foot spa, and knife-wielding maniacs in the bathroom.

No, that last one isn't a joke.

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Last Friday, the #MayMac World Tour mercifully came to an end (and not a minute too soon). We endured four straight days of Comedy Central-esque roasting from two noted non-comedians, who let their public personas take center stage. And when it was good, it was amazing (Conor McGregor addressing Floyd Mayweather's backpack), but when it was bad (McGregor struggling to connect to the audience in New York, McGregor making uncomfortable references to his opponent as "boy," or just about anything Mayweather did) it was really bad.

But hey, the pundits will tell you, these guys are just athletes, we should take it easy on them.

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It won't be long before the Oakland Raiders become the Las Vegas Raiders. That still sounds weird.

The Raiders' new 65,000-seat, domed stadium is expected to be fully built around June 2020, with construction beginning this coming January. As for now, it's just a big empty lot. A 62.2-acre, $77.5-million dollar empty lot. Well, not entirely empty: a homeless encampment has popped up at the build site.

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After June sent Macau's casino stocks to new heights and outperformed estimates, it's a little worrisome that about a month later we're seeing a plummet due to scrutiny out of Beijing.

What's being watched?

The movement of money between China and the gambling enclave.

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Perhaps, in retrospect, we should have quit while we were ahead.

Tonronto's #MayMac stop was the stuff of legend. Conor McGregor going in so hard on Floyd Mayweather that he ended up comparing his performance to a 10-7 round (mind you, if 10-8 rounds in MMA are rare, 10-7's are unicorns). And yet, McGregor wasn't wrong. In Toronto, he was in his element. Loose, charismatic, and downright vicious. It demonstrated every bit of the way the charismatic fighter has been able to become a worldwide phenomenon in such a short time.

New York, however, was another story.

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UBER hasn't had a very good time lately. You know, with their CEO stepping down, app tracking fury, and loads of backlash over sexual harassment of employees and sexual assault accusations towards drivers, you'd bet they're trying everything to right the ship... but the hurdles just don't end. Though, we say having a tough time with the Asian market pales in comparison to some of the problems we just mentioned. It's just seems like it's not getting any better for the company.

Uber has now halted services in Macau because of regulators.

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Little known fact, Donald Trump was once there for the UFC when they were essentially referred to by the mainstream and sports media as glorified "human cockfighting" (by none other than former presidential hopeful John McCain). When new owners, Dana White along with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta were searching for a place to hold their events, Trump did them a solid and let them use his hotels.

And now UFC President, Dana White has never forgotten those days.

White even went as far as to attend the Republican National Convention to speak on Trump's behalf. You might think the association between the two might have come to a halt there (or at the very least, have changed slightly with Trump transitioning from millionaire to president), but according to an off-the-cuff response to a reporter's question at the very first #MayMac presser the other day, apparently the president is very much interested in seeing Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather go at it.

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Las Vegas is the home to a lot of technology. From CES to all the hidden ways the city is trying to keep you safe (from digital defense to physical safety), it's no wonder the Sin City wants to continue to be one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.

So earlier this year, they designated a portion of the city an "Innovation District." Now that we're well into 2017, just what kind of badass tech is being tested there?

Let's find out.

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Showtime Boxing

Day 2 of the press tour came alive in Toronto and nobody was more shaken up by the proceedings than Floyd Mayweather.

After a lopsided affair at the Staples Center (which was firmly in the Conor McGregor camp), it seemed that nobody told Mayweather he was on the losing side of the exchanges between him and his Irish opponent. So he came back out and did the same song and dance he did in Los Angeles. Only problem being, while he was staying the course and doing everything to maintain his status quo, McGregor came out of the gate on fire like a man possessed.

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Fight Hub TV

While all the attention was on the sh*tshow inside of the Staples Center on Tuesday for the very first #MayMac presser, there was nothing crazier than the scene backstage when Conor McGregor was confronted by Floyd Mayweather's dad.

Yep, noted nut-job and all around crazy trainer dad Floyd Mayweather Sr. decided to grace press row with his unnecessary and prolonged presence as McGregor fielded questions from the peanut gallery.

Here's the thing, Mayweather Sr. thought he was going to help his son by pointing out a few of the same narrative angles they've been trying to push (he's tapped out before, Conor doesn't have any money, and that his son is the GOAT). It didn't play any differently than it did on the main stage with McGregor adeptly ducking and dodging any and all comments like he was in the matrix.

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