Las Vegas is one confident city.

You can tell by how it always leaves the lights on, so everyone can see its splendor.

Vegas knows it looks good.

Which is why the town is trying to attract everything to it, from gamblers to sports teams. And, most recently, major sporting events...

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By all accounts, Conor McGregor gets preferential treatment in the world of mixed martial arts.

The UFC literally lets him do and say as he pleases, and still gives him some of the best deals the company has to offer. The boxing world allowed him to make jokes at the expense of Showtime executives without any kind of consequence. And the movie world even indulges and embraces his cult of personality (he has a documentary coming out via Universal Pictures after all). Yet, that's part of the carefully staged persona that McGregor has carved out for himself. Be the center of attention and captivate the masses.

And it's worked out pretty well for him. That is, until last Friday afternoon.

While making a visit to Bellator 187 (the WCW equivalent to the UFC's WWE), McGregor made a big splash when he went into the cage a little too early to congratulate one of his fellow training partners Charlie Ward.

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Get grass on the go!

Las Vegas is now the proud host city to a Nevada first...

A drive-thru cannabis dispensary.

No, I'm not joking. Yes, that's (somehow) legal.

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Chris Romero/Kid A Photography

After starting as a featured attraction at EBI 11, Combat Jiu Jitsu was given it's first opportunity to thrive on its own. Growing from the four person tournament format that have been featured as the appetizer in between matches at the Eddie Bravo Invitational, this was the first time we got to see an entire card filled with just combat jiu jitsu matches.

And what started with a legendary first match between JM Holland and Chad George last February, expanded into two eight man tournaments at the 135 and 155 weight class divisions. The event was able to take a little bit of the magic that made EBI so unique and add a few new twists and turns to the combat style that we've previously seen.

Blanca Marisa Garcia/Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds

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It's been a long time coming, but the day is finally here...

I have only one question for you, Las Vegas...

Are you ready for some football?!

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The Juice is loose, and he's been spotted haunting Las Vegas area establishments.

Mainly because he lives in a gated community in Vegas, and is on parole, so he really can't be anywhere else.

Most recently, O.J. Simpson was spotted at a bar in The Cosmopolitan hotel-casino... getting kicked out.

Well that doesn't sound good for a man on probation.

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The 2017 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event is going down right now. It's just like the WSOP you've heard of, but in Europe.

At King's Casino, in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, the WSOPE Main Event began Saturday, November 4 and will run through Friday, November 10. The event is already heating up, with only six players currently remaining.

Earlier in the tournament, an incredible and rare moment was caught on camera. Poker players Kevin MacPhee and Marc MacDonnell were heads up in a 1,605,000 pot.

MacPhee was all-in with 750,000 chips. MacDonnell drained his 825,000 chip stack to match the bet, and the game was on.

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Self-driving cars are the future.

Autonomous vehicle technology could potentially relieve congested highways, and drastically reduce car accidents.

What's interesting is it seems the biggest hurdle to the widespread adoption of self-driving cars isn't getting the tech to work, but getting people to trust in their robot overlords.

To combat that robo-fear, an autonomous car company is undertaking a year-long, trust-earning, self-driving pilot program… and it's going down in Las Vegas.

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On a night where millions would be tuning in to watch if Georges St. Pierre still had the ability to perform in the octagon, a number of fighters here in Southern California packed the house at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City to put on a night of equally thrilling fights.

It's never easy to be told that you'll be fighting on the same night as one of the biggest UFC cards of the year, but in MMA it seems there's always another card going on. Yet, none of that even remotely mattered as a number of CXF's biggest stars came together to put on one of the more memorable nights of fighting in some time.

Led by performances from Rich DeLeRoy, Vince Cachero, and Milton Arguello the CXF 10 card not only impressed, but it continued a solid tradition of match-making and heart that has come to define the company.

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UFC Fight Pass
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Las Vegas is well-known as the betting capital of the world.

Well, I guess that's actually Macau. (Macau's casino's earnings, no joke, shame Vegas'.)

Okay, so we all know Vegas is a huge betting town at least. But I didn't know it was this big... A mysterious "Eastern European" gambler, apparently under 30 years old, has been going around Vegas placing monster bets.

How monster?

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From the inception of the Eddie Bravo Invitational, Garry Tonon's presence (and by a larger extent, the Danaher Death Squad) has helped to shape the type of excitement and action we've come to expect from the premiere sub-only showcase. And at last Sunday's event, we saw Tonon take home a championship for a record-setting fifth time.

Forget the fact that Tonon has accomplished this feat in no less than three different weight classes (155, 170, and, hilariously, 205), there's a real excitement in watching Tonon and the DDS do their thing on stage. The precision and athletic talent demonstrated by this East Coast crew is something to behold. Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to argue with the results or the way it comes across on the television.

The Danaher Death Squad is never short on thrills.

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When it comes to restaurants, they're generally known as a great way to lose money.

From mom and pop shops, to expensive, trendy hot spots, keeping people interested in the food you're serving ain't easy.

So what joint is doing it best?

Some hints: it's club-like… they're asian fusion… they often have celebrities roll through…

They're also located in Las Vegas, and rake in a solid 8-figures a year.

Still not sure?

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Macau is an interesting place, one that hopefully my bosses will send me to in the near future. It's one of the only places you can gamble while in China, almost half of the GDP is revenue from gambling, and it's small (28.8 square km).

It's beautiful, it's entertaining, it even has cathedrals and an incredible food scene.

But there's an even better reason to live there. Wanna know what it is?

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Well, chalk this one up as one of the most effective ways to cut a fight promo.

UFC fighter Mike Perry showed his true love for Halloween by punching and kicking a whole bunch of pumpkins.

I am not exaggerating, nor am I overselling it. Perry literally gathered some pumpkins together, asked his girlfriend to politely hold a few of said pumpkins in hand, and then proceeded to kick the living crap out of those pumpkins.

And if I'm being honest, it was one of the most entertaining gimmick promos I've seen from a UFC fighter in some time.

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I can't believe it.

I'm actually pretty shocked—no clickbait—this is a rare occurrence.

Someone not only got a royal flush in poker... it was at one of those casino table variants with a progressive jackpot!

I bet you can already guess where I'm going with this…

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Colby Covington had an amazing night in the octagon Saturday in Sal Paulo. He looked sharp in a fight against Demian Maia, out-striking the jiu-jitsu legend and rendering him unable to secure a takedown throughout the entire fight. He not only made a statement that he deserves top-tier talent in the welterweight division, but that he might make for an exciting fight against the current champ, Tyron Woodley.

So with all that in mind, how exactly did Covington manage to kill a portion of the fight game that he so skillfully accomplished in dominant fashion?

When a fighter without a sense of wit decides to go full-heel on the hometown audience.

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