We were all having a great time watching the highly anticipated match between Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin and Canelo Álvarez. After boxing purists were left bitter from the taste in their mouth from the money fight three weeks prior, here was a fight that was delivering the goods. But then when it came time for the judges to weigh in and render a decision, you couldn't help but feel there was something in the air.

Some sort of trickery would be afoot. We weren't just in for any ordinary decision, we were going to be in for a terrible decision.

Oh, I see...


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And no, it's not David Spade. (Does he even sing?)

I'll give you a hint: it's Adam Sandler.

Shit, that was the answer, not the hint. I guess the hint was it wasn't David Spade.

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I don't know about you, but when I'm in a casino, I can feel eyes on me the moment I step foot on the property.

From the hawkwish pit bosses, and the horny high-class escorts, to the electronic eyes high in the sky (the security cameras)—there's no moment on the casino floor when someone isn't watching you.

For the average patron, it's no worry, and for the average card counter, it'll add a bit of sweat to your brow, but that's about it. But for a criminal? It should seem like a guaranteed jail sentence.

Yet you'd likely be surprised to learn how often casinos are robbed.

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Geroges St. Pierre's road to the octagon didn't just happen overnight. The man who has an almost unhealthy reputation for the way he approaches training, and spent years honing his craft as a mixed martial artist. A drive that not only propelled him to the top of the UFC, but also made him one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.

However, the origin story for one GSP doesn't revolve around a casual interest in karate, it begins as a child who was bullied so frequently, he he sought out martial arts to help learn how to properly defend himself.

Or, as GSP joked during an interview with Hot 97, "I have a very good record as an MMA professional fighter, but if you go in my bully time, I have a losing record. I got beat up pretty bad that many times."

"OWWW [But in Canadian]SB Nation/MMA Fighting

On the popular Canadian athlete's website, GSP shares a short story (written by one of his friends) that recalls the humiliating torture he endured when he was a kid, the kind of bulling that stripped him of his pants, his lunch money, and his dignity "before a laughing chorus of boys and girls."

Of course, we all know the story ended up getting much better for the young man in that story.

Yeah, I think he ended up becoming pretty good at defending himself


So when GSP revealed this week that he ran into one of his old bullies on the street, you almost start to immediately fear for that bully. GSP isn't the scrawny kid he used to be. Hopefully he had the presence of mind to leave him alone.

Of course, as someone who has taken up the mantle of being so avidly against bullying, all of us know that GSP would never indulge in such a thing. But even as he described the run-in to the folks at Hot 97, GSP felt the need to describe in great detail exactly what made the then 12-year-old bully so difficult to contend with when he was just nine-years-old.

"A few months ago, I was in the street and I saw one of the guys that used to bully me. When I saw him, I was very surprised, because I remember him. This guy used to beat me in the bus. One point, I came back with a black eye and my dad was saying to me 'What's going on?' I never said anything. But one time I said it's a guy in the bus. He's taller than me. He's bigger and he's beating me up and he's stronger than me. I cannot win.'"

GSP's dad tried to take the high road and contact the bully's parents. Of course, we all know how much bullies love parental intervention.

"So the next day, when I take the bus, this guy goes 'Hey you're such a snitch! You're a coward! You go complain to your dad. I can't believe you did that!' He did that in front of everybody, and I got humiliated. I ran towards him and tried to punch him in the face, then I got beat up again. It was terrible. That's the memory I had of him."

But as fate would have it, GSP would recently run into him on the streets, where the former bully was now going up to ask the UFC megastar for some money.

"I don't know if he was homeless, but he was asking for money. And then when he saw me, he recognized me. I know he saw me on TV and everything. I don't want to mention his name, but I said 'what are you doing here?' (He said) 'Can you help me? Things are not going well.' Well I'm like 'man, what are you doing here? You're a tall guy, you're good looking, what the hell? You're in good shape!'

I'm all about forgiveness, but damn, complimenting your former bully's good looks isn't necessarily at the top of my list.

B'scuse me?


Then again, I'm not GSP. And it should be noted, GSP didn't stop there.

"So I gave him a few dollars, and I tell him 'Get out of here man. You should be ashamed, you should be embarrassed of what you're doing, man. A lot of guys would kill to be like you. You know you're full of potential. You're good looking, healthy, tall, and strong. Go do something with your life!'"

GSP also gained a new sense of understanding about the bully's actions all these years later, finding out that he grew up with a single, abusive, alcoholic father. That ultimately, his bully became a product of a "natural environment." And while that didn't excuse his actions, it certainly gave GSP an entirely new perspective of what his former bully was going through when he was a kid.

Martial Arts, still the leading way to combat bullying.


But here's where things get really good. The bully was so moved by GSP's speech, he later went back to GSP's old home and tried to seek him out:

"Apparently, very recent, like a month ago, he went to my house where my parents live," St-Pierre said. "He knocked on the door and he said 'Can I talk to Georges?' My dad said 'Georges doesn't live here anymore.' "He goes, 'Well, I've met him a few months ago, and said something to me to shake me up, and I just want to say that he changed my life. Now I have a job, and I'm doing well, and I want to say thank you. When you see him, tell him I said thank you.'"

GSP has always had a reputation for being a stand up guy, but this story is a great example of how you can persevere, overcome the odds, and still find a way to maintain your own dignity when you have the chance to look down on others. Kudos to GSP and his compassion, and we're happy to hear that his former bully found a way to take Georges' lead and make something better of his life.

NOTE: GSP soon takes on perennial verbal abuse bully Michael Bisping this November when he returns to the Octagon after a four year layoff. Let's hope he gives Bisping the chance to better his life as well ;-)

Anyone remember Revel? It was that Atlantic City casino that shut down on September 2, 2014, after being open for barely two years.

Well, its old dead corpse of a building just received an offer from a New York area private investment firm. Curious how much? So was I.

I mean, a 70% built Las Vegas casino (the project was abandoned) recently sold for $600M. That's $600,000,000… for a building that's been used as a firefighter training ground for the past eight years.

So what is the old Revel in AC worth? Well, to Keating & Associates LLC, the NY-area private investment firm who recently made an offer, it's apparently worth…

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When someone pitches a highly ambitious idea (like building a water park in the desert), people tend to get excited, then slowly let reality set in.

Back in 2013, Australian entrepreneur Josh Kearney had a vision in the desert—not a mirage—but an idea of a sustainable Las Vegas action sports theme park.

This has been a long time coming… but it looks like it's actually going to happen: an extreme sports water park is coming to Vegas.

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Chris Romero/Kid A Photography

In the world of jiu-jitsu, there are many tournaments that do an adequate job of promoting new talent and give established grapplers a chance to showcase their art. But when it comes to putting on a show, especially in the mecca of jiu-jitsu currently known as San Diego, it's a tall order to find the kinds of jiu-jitsu practitioners who possess both the right kind of technique to impress and the capacity to create a spectacle.

But that's where the new tournament entry, Ultimate Mat Warriors, has carved out a niche all unto itself. Last Saturday, the second installment of the tournament and superfight showcase demonstrated that Richie "Boogeyman" Martinez" and his team are building the kind of momentum that emulates the sub-only swag of EBI with the laid back vibe of a kick ass community party.

The key word being "momentum." In the second event, the event seemed to run smoother, the athletes seemed a little more loose to try new things, and the crowd seemed prepared to witness a full night full of entertainment -- an assortment of factors that all contributed to the show's best moments.

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It's that time of the year: the air is crisp and the leaves are changing; unless you live somewhere like the West where the air is smog and the leaves don't change because they're just cactus needles.

Regardless, fall is almost here, and we all know what that means: Oktoberfest.

Any beer festival in general is already one of the best events a person can possibly go to (because beer), but Oktoberfest is something extra special. The weather is cooling down, but it's still nice enough to be outside and get drunk in a big crowd of also drunks.

That's the beauty of Octoberfest: getting raucously wasted and having it not only be socially acceptable, but almost a social responsibility.

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UPDATE: The UFC late last night decided to strip Jon Jones of his title and award it back to Daniel Cormier. The UFC 214 fight is now being listed as a no-contest, as per UFC President Dana White yesterday on UFC Tonight.

When last we left you in the Jon Jones saga, there was a glimmer of good news for the troubled MMA star. Although he tested positive for Turinabol in a urine drug test, a blood test taken the day after he beat Daniel Cormier back at UFC 214 didn't show any trace of steroids. Then, of course, we discovered that Turinabol would only show up in urine tests, so the blood work news didn't exact mean we could all pop some champagne just yet.

So the entire MMA community was waiting to hear how the test results for the "B" sample would come back. And according to ESPN, the results are not good for Jon Jones.

... yikes.


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Let me just say this: Just because you were an engineer at Tesla, that doesn't mean you can engineer everything. Like, a car is way different than food and drugs, right? Right!

That being said, you need to be pretty smart to be an engineer for Tesla, and being smart is the first step in doing smart things — and creating a cure for something is definitely something you need to be smart for. Or lucky. Or both.

Either way, this ex-Tesla engineer is giving curing hangovers a shot, and he has a leg-up on other remedies: his solution is FDA compliant.

Or you could just not drink enough to get a hang over... right?

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If Las Vegas wants to retain its title as Sin City, it's going to have to step up its game.

Sure, Nevada became a "cool state" and legalized that sweet sticky-icky ('the chronic'), but they didn't think ahead and make it legal to smoke that shit anywhere. They must've been getting high on their own supply.

Seeing as how Nevada practically ran out of weed in the first week recreational dispensaries opened, it's clearly in the state's best interest to foster the growth of such a lucrative, budding (heh) industry.

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Bad news everybody. Turns out you can't just throw sh*t at an opponent as they're walking more than 50 yards away from you at a press conference.

Terrible, I know. I thought this was America, too.

But it seems the fallout from UFC 202 has not subsided and MMA superstar Conor McGregor may now be on the hook for $95,000.

What if he just said he was sorry?


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The planned Raiders stadium in Las Vegas has cleared a significant hurdle: the FAA gave the project the thumbs up.

The Federal Aviation Administration had to review plans for the structure due to its height and proximity to the airport. We previously reported the FAA was conducting an investigation, and the stadium project was in a bit of a limbo until the matter was concluded.

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After closing for scheduled renovations, the Golden Gate hotel-casino has reopened—bigger and better than ever.

We previously shared the casino's plans to make some serious upgrades, and now those changes are finally in place.

The Golden Gate is 111-years-old—it was an appropriate time for a facelift.

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Aside from a few TV appearances on Battle of the Network stars and an NBC action drama, Ronda Rousey has kept a pretty low profile since her loss to Amanda Nunes last year.

There have been quiet mumblings about what the former UFC star might do next — with many rumors suggesting that her time inside the octagon may be over. But while her time in combat sports may be coming to an end, it doesn't mean you're through seeing Rousey in a ring.

While stopping by to support her friend (fighter turned pro wrestler Shayna Baszler, part of Rousey's inner circle of MMA friends who call themselves the 4 Horsewomen) at a WWE event, Rousey was confronted by superstars Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley outside — all while a camera just happened to be there to catch the action (what are the odds?).

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It's easy to draw parallels between poker and business: both involve the transferring of money, both require calculated risk taking, and they're both totally games (from a game theoretical standpoint at least).

There are many lessons learned in poker that you can take from the table and apply directly to your business life. Hell, even just playing poker can be good for your business.

You need to learn to know the odds, quickly weigh those odds, and then beat the odds—all while not letting your wife find out about you and the secretary.

Business ain't easy, but neither is poker, yet both can be a very rewarding career—both financially and spiritually. (Spiritually rewarding as far as sublimating our innate desires to conquer and win.)

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So when we last left you on the Jon Jones show, the UFC star had been flagged by USADA for a possible doping violation during his fight with Daniel Cormier back at UFC 214. And it did not look good, especially with the popular MMA fighters checkered history.

According to a new set of tweets, broken by MMA journalist Ariel Helwani said that multiple sources confirmed with him that a blood test for Jones (taken the day AFTER his fight with Cormier) came back clean. That result clouds, if not serious suspicions about the previous urine test that Jones failed, which claimed he tested positive for an anabolic steroid known as Turinabol.

So here's where it gets weird.

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Can you imagine putting all the money and effort into building a casino on the Las Vegas Strip just to stop after 70% was completed... and abandon it?

I can't. But that's exactly what happened to the the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, which has had its 63 stories used as a firefighter training ground for the last eight years. But now it's been sold — and maybe that initial investment wasn't entirely a waste.

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