It might have started as an innocent warm up, but Conor McGregor probably had no idea the simple act of getting loose in the ring was going to become the next big dance craze.

That's right, Conor McGregor just gave us the boxing equivalent of the humpty dance, everybody.


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The Las Vegas Raiders Stadium isn't even built yet, but they're already bidding to host another major sporting event at the venue.

The football stadium is looking to host a football match!

I know that probably sounds normal, but it's not football-football, it's soccer-football. Also known as soccer.

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We must be close to the fight of the century, because rumors are escalating at a rapid pace.

While most of the attention has been on Conor McGregor and Pauli Malignaggi, you would think the fight was actually gonna be between the two of them if you followed the press cycle the past two weeks.

But no, don't worry, we're kinda pretty confident Floyd Mayweather is still fighting McGregor. That is... if he can stop getting knocked out.

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The trailer for Molly's Game just dropped and it looks oh-so-good.

It's written and directed by someone that'll make you fill up your trousers faster than a whore in church. (Or whatever the saying is.)

Heard of Molly's Game? It's based on Molly Bloom's ridiculously-long-titled memoir Molly's Game: From Hollywood's Elite to Wall Street's Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker.

If that doesn't get your engine revving I don't think you know enough about this upcoming film. There are two very strong reasons to see this movie (or at least watch the trailer):

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I'm really into listing things, which is probably why writing for the Internet is right up my alley. I've listed Best Steakhouses, Best Places To Go Off The Grid, the Most Thrilling Places in Las Vegas... you name it, I've listed it.

When it comes to the best ice cream in Las Vegas, I thought I would have to do yet another list. It turns out, I don't.

This isn't a list.

There's one clear winner — and they're not even from Vegas.

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Over the weekend, UFC President Dana White gifted the combat sports world with the footage people had been salivating over. After a month of controversial exchanges over social media, we would finally discover if Conor McGregor really did get the best of famed boxer Paulie Malignaggi during sparring?

So the story goes: Paulie was brought in to help Conor get ready for his fight with Floyd Mayweather. And while Paulie was critical of Conor's chances inside the ring, he seemed willing to help the Irishman get prepared for -- arguably -- the fight of his life.

And sure, some natural trash talk would be inevitable. But after Malignaggi left McGregor's camp in a rage, he literally dared Dana White to put the unedited footage out there. And it didn't take long for Uncle Dana to respond.

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I remember a time when online gambling was basically illegal across the board. I also remember that was back when the internet black market was a lot more… in the shadows. The dark web wasn't even a buzzword back then.

Now, it's easier than ever to place a bet online. (Either legitimately or otherwise.) The standard card games, traditional casino games, racing, sports and more is all just a few clicks away.

So of course it makes sense you can even place an online bet on a TV show. What's insane to me is that feels a lot like betting on the outcome of a WWE match: sure, it probably happens in basements (and trailers) across the country, but it's a bad bet seeing as how the whole thing was fixed from the start.

Who the hell wants to bet on a rigged fight, standing naked against unbeatable odds? Entertainment gamblers apparently.

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The Fremont just found another lucky winner, awarding a man identified as "Rodolfo T" $11.3 million after playing an IGT Megabucks slot machine. Fremont's VP and general manager had this to say:

"The Fremont has awarded many thousands of jackpots throughout its 60-year history in Las Vegas, but none quite like this."

So. How much did Rodolfo T have to spend to make $11.3 million? Brace yourselves, because you gotta spend money to make money:

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It's a dark day for online poker: an entire continent has declared it illegal.

The first thought that comes to mind: what bullshit. The second thought: those poor people.

Where exactly did this travesty occur? Here's a hint: it's a country as well as a continent.

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The Raiders are coming to Las Vegas, even though there's not much out there but hot sand and tired hookers. That's probably why they're building a stadium to house the team (rather than let them wander off into the barren desert/hookers).

What's interesting is Clark County commissioners are actually voting next week on whether or not to let the stadium venture proceed. Yup, they could literally halt the entire thing, right now, for no reason. And it'd be for no reason; they're expected to approve the project… as long as their concerns are met.

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Jim and Sam Show

Jon Jones made a come back in a real big way at UFC 214, reminding us all what makes him so dominant as a fighter. He has one of the most resourceful fighter IQ's in the business and seems to be able to make incredibly fast adjustments in the octagon that puts him in a league ahead of most of his peers.

But when it comes to fulfilling a lifelong dream of fighting in his home state of New York ― with the now legally permitted act of competing in a mixed martial art match at the historic Madison Square Garden ― Jones is now saying that he currently has no interest in New York city any time soon.

Yeah, you hurd that right.


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Regular reality is old hat. Virtual reality is where it's at.

A Vegas-themed, all-VR art exhibit is coming to the Lower East Side gallery Essex Flowers (at 19 Monroe Street in Manhattan). The fusion of technology and creative expression opens 6-9pm, Saturday August 12th through the 20th.

The techno-awesome cyber-exhibit is curated by the Blended Reality Crew, who worked with 15 participating artists. Together, those artists created incredible works of art that could only exist in a virtual world.

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We all know why we tip bartenders: to subsidize the free sex all the in-the-know patrons are receiving from the bartender during the barkeep's breaks.

However, the question of the future will be: do we have to tip robots?

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If a casino can make money from something, it will. I just learned the other day that there are tables just for the game of WAR, which, yes, is the game you used to play at your Grandparents' house before they got cable.

When it comes to esports, though, Casinos know there's gotta be a way to make money off them, they're just not really sure how... but that doesn't mean they can't let those nerds in and bleed them dry in another way. In the meantime, however, you can always bet on the games without the casino's help.

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We all know Floyd Mayweather is fight old. Sure, 40 isn't exactly ancient, but fight years are even worse than dog years. You might look 40 on the outside, but on the inside you might as well be 103-years-old.

That's part of the reason he retired. The body has a hard time recuperating after killer training sessions that are necessary to keep you at the pinnacle of the fight game.

But Mayweather let the following footage make it to air that shows how he's prepping for his major money fight with Conor McGregor, footage that many media outlets are claiming show Mayweather having "a hard time standing up on his own."

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At the UFC 214, it seemed like fans got a look at the old Jon Jones. The one who not only would destroy opponents in the ring with creative tenacity, but who also seemed to express good sportsmanship and fighter etiquette. For many, it's been a long time since we've seen that Jon Jones, considering the past three years have been turbulent outside of the cage, making many wonder about his mental health.

And while the 30-year-old athlete has reclaimed the UFC light heavyweight title he was once forced to vacate (due to problems with the law and a failed drug test), it would seem that Jones is making strides toward improving the person he once was.

In a candid new interview with Maggie Gray on the SI Now Show, Jones reveals exactly how much he used to test his limits in the cage ― even going as far as to drink heavily before competing.

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Sometimes, the news is just plain old good news.

Normally, we at Suited like to bring you hard-hitting stories, direct from sources we're pretty sure are Nigerian scammers. But today, I have a simple story to share: someone actually won a progressive jackpot on a slot machine.

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Submission Radio

When the UFC was sold to WME/IMG for $4.2 billion dollars, there were many who wondered if the days were numbered for the outspoken, but wildly recognizable UFC President Dana White. Like any normal transition period, there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty around this time list year, but White assured everyone that he wasn't going anywhere.

However, a new report from the Los Angeles Times suggests that White's tenure as Pres might soon be coming to an end. The article quotes sources close to the situation (whatever that means), who say that WME/IMG has raised over $1.1 billion dollars from investors to buy out some of the UFC minority partners, including former owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and White himself.

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